Information for Part-time Students

Students interested in completing the program of study during evening and/or weekend times can do so in two to four years, depending on the number of courses taken at one time.

The department offers at least three to five courses from the program each calendar year using a limited face-to-face or fully online model.

Fall 2017 Offerings:

  • MAT 5530 Boolean Number Systems (3) -- elective (Monday evenings online)
  • MAT 5910 Investigations in Teaching Mathematics (3) -- required for secondary concentrators; a required option for college concentrators (Tuesday evenings limited face-to-face with other times online)
  • STT 5811 Statistical Concepts and Applications 1 (3) -- required for both concentrators (Wednesday evenings limited face-to-facewith other times online)

Spring 2018 Offerings:

  • STT 5812 Statistical Concepts and Applications 2 (3) -- required for college concentrators; elective for secondary concentrators
  • Additional elective (TBA)

Summer 2018 Offerings:

  • Elective (TBA)

The required courses will rotate as indicated below (2017-18 is "year B"), with several electives planned each year as well. Note that secondary concentrators will also be required to take several courses from the College of Education, all of which are available as online courses.

Standard Sequencing of Limited Face-to-face Required Coursework
YEAR Fall Spring
YEAR A MAT 5610: Analysis 1 MAT 5620: Analysis 2
YEAR B STT 5811 Statistical Concepts & Apps 1 STT 5812 Statistical Concepts & Apps 2
YEAR C MAT 5230 Linear Algebra MAT 5330 Mathematical Modeling